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Brew York Freaky Franchise 5 x 440ml 11% - 15%

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All 5 amazing beers in the Freaky Franchise series from Brew York.

Plus a free book.

Brew York x Amundsen Brewery - A New Beginning - 11% Coffee, Blueberry, Cacao, Walnut & Vanilla Imperial Milk Stout
Brew York x Naparbier Brewery - The Revenge - 12% Maple & Pecan Imperial Milk Stout
Brew York x  Fierce Brewing - The Ghost Dimension - 13% Mexican Mole Imperial Milk Stout
Brew York x Tiny Rebel Brewing - The Dream Child - 14% Rocky Roads Ice Cream Pastry Stout
Brew York x  Emperors Brewery - The Final Chapter - 15% Honeycomb, Coconut, Cacao, Tonka & Vanilla Imperial Milk Stout